A 9-month Practical Approach to Yoga for Vitality and Self-Development

The following course summarises the work we have done (on ourselves) through the practice of yoga at YogaLife, over the last nine years.

My students and I under- take the same procedure from September to July, starting the same cycle from the same point that the previous cycle finished.

In September we begin with exercises that expand the lungs, then continue with cleansing exercises to minimize somato-psychic blockages. Finally, we work on the energy centres (chakras) to build up energy.

The result is both constant and certain. The more times the specific 9-month-cycle is repeated, the more permanent it becomes and the more likely it is to be freed from unwanted mental programming. It is an awareness of this that inspired me to write this book, so that my students would have a hands-on practical programme to guide them.

Those who teach yoga are free to use these practices according to their own judg- ment, or to follow the order and combinations mentioned for proven results. 

Anandhi - Korina Kontaxaki

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  Building Mental and Physical Foundations
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