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Why this course IS NOT ONLY for vegans and yogis.


This course is NOT only for vegans and yogis!

 The Activated vegan food dietary system is a way of life which helps us to sustain our vitality for concentration, strong immune system, general health, and happiness.


The AVF dietary system is very similar to Purvakarma – the cleansing and preparation used for the ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment - a specialized Ayurvedic therapy that involves the internal purification of the body through five specially designed practices.


Activated vegan diet could be a life choice BUT it is not necessary to follow it exclusively. It is a choice you can make, when you decide to have a detoxing, plant-based diet, either for a long or a short period of time.    


It is not necessary for everyone to become vegan, but when one wants to eat vegan food, let it be right, let it be activated!


The world will be better, not if everyone becomes vegan, but only when everyone be more conscious about what they eat, how is it made, and where is it coming from.


Activated food is more about eating nutritious, local, seasonal, unprocessed food which you can digest easily, rather than eating vegan.



How to use this course


If you want to become vegan and follow the activated vegan dietary system, follow the course from part 1 to 5 and follow the step by step instructions.


How to use this course if you are not vegan

If you want to experiment and combine the AVF system with other vegan, non-vegan/non-vegetarian systems, we suggest the following plan:


1.      Read Activated Vegan Food - Part one: How to start

2.      Experiment with The Three Activated Hacks: Sprouting / Plant-based Milk / Digestive Formulas

Sprouted grains/seeds/pulses can be a great supplement to your diet since sprouting makes nutritious, easy-to-digest food and reduces bloating and discomfort, legumes may bring. It also reduces gluten in grains, so you will discover that when you eat sprouted wheat, it is lighter and does not trigger allergies.

Homemade plant-based milk, can be a great solution to allergies, bloating and indigestion that pasteurized milk might bring.

We suggest 7 digestive formulas (spice/herb mixes) to induce digestion and many ways to use them in your recipes for vegan and non-vegan dishes.

3.      Work to understand how we sustain our vitality and how food can contribute to that. Prana (Vitality) - How to prepare food for optimal energy levels

4.      Experiment with the three steps we suggest to Understanding and Overcoming Sweet Addiction

Sweet addiction is a very serious condition in our days, and it is the cause of many ailments, from cancer to obesity. Understanding how this addiction works and overcoming it gradually, is essential for our health and well being.

5.  If you want to go deeper into understanding what Alive/easily digested/tuned food means, you can read and watch the videos of the following

Activated Vegan Food - Part Two: The Three Main Qualities of the AVF System

Quality 1: Alive food

Activated Water

How to Sprout Almost Anything 

Quality 2: Easily Digested Food

Digestive Formulas

Quality 3: Tuned Food

Activated Food List 

6.      Find your constitution and learn how to balance vata (air), pita (bile) and kapha (mucus) in the body for good digestion, and general health and well-being.

 Part 3: Understanding Ayurveda contains an easy-to-use guide to practice ayurveda.

It also contains a some tips for Vata Imbalances - How to deal with Bloating and Gas

7.      Skip the following if Activated Vegan Food is not your main dietary system.

Activated Vegan Food Part 4: Meal Organization, Preparation and Training

             Organizing your meals following the AVF system

             How to set up an Activated Vegan Kitchen Part One: Food Supplies

             How to set up an Activated Vegan Kitchen Part Two: Kitchen Equipment

             How to construct the Main Meal

Preparing the Main meal - Formulas and Cooking Training Videos

Preparing Activated Sweets and Desserts - Formulas and Training Videos

              Weekly, planning schedule (printable)

8.      Do use the Activated Vegan Food Part 5: Meal Suggestions  and follow the recipes/formulas to prepare complete protein, nutritious, delicious vegan meals for you and your family.

We have dozens of

Main meal suggestions

Raw meal suggestions

Light meal suggestions

Sweet Meal Suggestions

Enjoy Activated food and the vitality, focus and well being it gives to your life.

Always remember; you do not need to fight bad habits. Just create good new habits and the bad habits will gradually dissolve! 

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