Welcome to the Activated Vegan Food System, and advice for transitioning to an AVF Diet!

Welcome to the Activated Vegan Food System!

After countless experiments in the kitchen over the past few years, including the running of our own professional vegan kitchen in Cyprus, Solar Kitchen Bar, we are excited to be sharing the complete Activated Vegan Food system!

The Activated Vegan Food system belongs to the holistic path of yogic life. It is essentially a vegan version of the classic Yogic diet. The ancient Yogis developed an incredible dietary system, designed not only to keep the body at optimal health, and its energy levels high, but in order to provide themselves with the ideal conditions for meditating and achieving the highest level of spiritual growth.

We have adapted the principals of this invaluable system to encompass the contemporary need for more conscious and ethical living through vegetarian and vegan choices, taking the wisdom of ancient Yogic knowledge on how to eat, and combining it with modern research and theories on nutrition and optimal health.

By following this system, you will discover that the ancient wisdom already contains many of the now proven scientific theories regarding proper diet.

The main objectives of the Activated Vegan Food system are:

  1. Healthy, complete, nutritious food
  2. A sustainable, eco-friendly, ethical lifestyle.
  3. High levels of vitality (Prana

As you go through the course, we advise that you join our Facebook group where you can ask questions, share ideas, and meet others who are also following the Activated Vegan methods.

What others have to say about Activated Vegan Food

''Activated vegan nutrition should be distributed all over the world, to understand its meaning and adopt this kind of nourishment!''

Fotini Costa

''I fell in love with the system, it is more than just a dietetic program, it is a way of life. I want to make a difference on how I impact the planet and I want to live in better balance with my body, mind and the environment around me.'' 

Daniel P., sales manager

''Activated Vegan Diet changes our relationship with food. It becomes nurturing instead of emotional/stressful eating or eating just to survive.'' 

Pani K., Yoga teacher

Practicing the Activated Vegan Food System, I realised that it is not only the only real way of living a balanced, healthy and sustainable lifestyle through nutrition, it is also the most affordable!

Eleni V., Yoga teacher

The e-book and the videos are very clear and to the point. Korina doesn't ask you to become Vegan. She even discourages sudden transitions of diet and gives you a roadmap if you want to do that. Soaking & sprouting to activate your food saves you time when you are preparing your meal! I started implementing these ideas a few days ago and I love the taste of the food and the feeling of lightness after I consume it.

             Tarik Tekman, Qigong/Tai Chi teacher

DISCLAIMER: Activated Vegan Food seminars are for healthy adults, for sustaining high vitality and mental clarity. The theory and practice of the Activated Vegan diet should not be used for any specific treatment without the advice of a specialist and it does not replace the instructions of doctors and clinical nutritionists. If you have a specific health problem, consult your doctor before applying the Activated Vegan diet.

Note for those who have yet to transition to a vegan or vegetarian diet

The transition from eating meat tο an Activated Vegan Diet must be done gradually, over the period of at least a year, no less.

During this year, we may combine a non-vegetarian, vegetarian, and Activated Vegan Diet.

The process could be as follows, for example:

  • First Stage (3 months) Remove red meat from your diet, while continuing to eat white meat, dairy products, eggs and fish.
  • Second Stage (3 months) Remove meat entirely form your diet, while continuing to eat dairy products, eggs and fish.
  • Third Stage (2 months) Remove fish and milk from your diet, while continuing to eat cheese, yogurt and eggs, or continue eating fish and eggs and remove all dairy products.
  • Fourth Stage (4 months) Remove all animal products except yogurt and/or eggs.

After completing the four stages over the period of one year, we may then follow the Activated Vegan Food program exclusively. However, if we choose not to adopt a vegan diet, we can still follow the Activated Vegan Food principles, with adjustments made according to which ever stage we are at.

How to supplement dietary needs on a vegan diet

Following an activated vegan diet correctly should provide all of your basic dietary needs. Please note that this does not account for any underlying medical conditions that may require additional supplements, so it is best to consult with your doctor before making any changes, and to closely monitor your health as you go.

The only vitamin which cannot be readily provided by plant-based food, is vitamin B12, which is why many vegans will choose to supplement this with drops or capsules. Vitamin B12 is one of the essential vitamins for the system and is said to be contained only in animal products. In nature, Vitamin B12 is not absorbed directly though the food, but is produced in the gut and saliva WHEN there is an alkaline environment and when there are bacteria that can produce it. So if our gut is not working well (for example if we often have diarrhea, or constipation, or generally do not defecate regularly and painlessly), or when our mouth is not alkaline (there are special PH strips in pharmacies that we can use to check the PH of our mouth), then it is most likely we can not make our own B12. Also, If our diet is not rich in organic fruit and vegetables, and if the water we drink contains chemicals like chlorine and fluorine, then most probably our gut no longer contains the bacteria which make B12.

For this reason, it is best to consult your doctor or nutritionist to advise you with regards to B12 supplements.

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