A Final Word of Advice on Activated Vegan Food

A Final Word of Advice on Activated Vegan Food

Like all holistic movements, Activated Vegan Food is a way of life. A way of life that focuses on a sustainability, ethical living, and on the love for human wellbeing and animal welfare. Anything that focuses on love cannot contain fanaticism or division.

For this reason, we should not be pressured to perfect the system, but we should instead let it support us and reveal its power to us gradually. There is no need to call yourself a vegan or an environmentalist, if you do not feel that you want to wear these labels. Many people are afraid of the extreme nature that comes with these titles, and do not make smaller changes for fear of this extremity. Everyone is on their own journey, and wherever you are is okay. If you are ever offered an animal product and want to accept it, or if your body asks for it, there is no reason to be oppressed just to maintain the title of 'vegan'. I avoid mentioning that I am vegan, and at times I have consumed something that had milk, cheese or eggs just so as not to hurt the one who offers it to me. I have also eaten yogurt, honey and eggs from animals that I know are well looked after and raised with love and kindness.

Do not underestimate animals. Even insects like bees know and want to share their derivatives with us. You can see this in the cow's eyes when she is milked by a human who loves her. See the serenity of the loved hen as you collect her eggs. Animals know how to share - it is humans who often lack this ability. We do not know when to stop, and end up taking advantage of the open nature of animals. When an animal is treated with cruelty, its desire to share openly dies, and we end up violating the sacred relationship we have with nature. This is why the vegan movement has become so extreme - to balance the extreme cruelty that has developed, because the human population has grown exponentially alongside its demand for milk, cheese, honey and all of the other products we have derived and deem daily necessities.

The code for the consumption of animal products is "if you know and love the animal that offered it, then your food is activated by the love of this animal". If you have access to this, there is nothing wrong with measured consumption.

There is no need however to take all of the responsibility and weight of the impact of animal product consumption on your shoulders. At the same time, do not underestimate the impact you can have by making small changes to your daily life. Consider what you believe everyone should do in order for the world to be a better place - and do this, whenever you can.

Try to eat activated food whenever you can, without committing to always following this system. You will soon realize that your body will ask for it more and more often. You will also realize that whenever you apply the Activated Vegan Food system, it will immediately influence your energy levels, and when you do not apply it, you will feel the impact of this also. What is more powerful than immediately receiving the results of our actions?

The best way to get rid of unhealthy habits is to systematically follow healthy habits, without attachment or impatience for the results of these habits. Do not blame yourself for succumbing to unhealthy temptations, nor should you consider yourself superior because you have mastered the methodologies. Both are superficial qualities that do not describe the essence of our existence!

Remember that the general state of the body and mind, depends on what we do most regularly, and not on the exceptions. Create habits that you can maintain long term, and not ones you intend to keep for a while until you achieve your desired outcomes. It will take you longer to see results this way, but the effect will be permanent. Trust that in the long run, your body will learn to prefer the healthy choice, the right choice, the one that will bring it joy, strength and well-being.

Find like-minded people who will understand you, and whom you can influence with your positive example. If they see that you are happy, healthy and calm, they will be inspired by your way of living, and want to make changes too. If they are not interested however, do not try to influence them with your words or by attacking them. Lead only by example, and learn that sometimes we simply need to change direction and find people who have the same goals as us.

One way of finding like-minded people, is to join our facebook group. Feel free to share your questions, concerns, photos of your food, recipes and ideas, as well as sharing and listening to the experiences of our members from all over the world. It's easy to feel alone on a journey like this, but thanks to the internet, we can always find people to travel with us!

Our goal is, at some point, to create a place in the countryside, on the beautiful island of Cyprus, where we currently live, where we can live together, cook together, cultivate the land and share it with animals that are truly loved, and work as a team towards our evolution.

I hope to see you there…!

Korina Kontaxaki

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