Main Meal

LIVE Online Activated Vegan Seminar

Sunday 6th March 3pm-6pm (Greece time)

Following your suggestions, the founder of Activated Vegan Seminars, Korina Kontaxaki, is offering an online seminar on Activated Food

The seminar follows the structure of the full pre-recorded AVF course, with a focus on planning and preparing the main meal of the day.

Session Outline


- Why activated food/ how to become vegetarian/vegan

- What is prana (vitality) and how to sustain it

- Sweet addiction and the stages of overcoming it

- Digestive formulas (make together 3 of the digestive formulas)

- Main meal - how and why

- Questions and answers


- Watching one video of cooking the main meal and explain all the steps (how and why)


What is Activated Vegan Food

Following the principles of yogic diet and ayurveda, AVF is a dietary system that belongs to the holistic path of yogic life. It is essentially a vegan version of the classic Yogic diet.

We have adapted the principals of this invaluable system to encompass the contemporary need for more conscious and ethical living through vegetarian and vegan choices, taking the wisdom of ancient Yogic knowledge on how to eat, and combining it with modern research and theories on nutrition and optimal health.

The main objectives of the Activated Vegan Food system are:

- Healthy, complete, nutritious food

- A sustainable, eco-friendly, ethical lifestyle.

- High levels of vitality (Prana)

About the ‘main meal’ in the AVF system

Although all of the meals of the AVF are complete and nutrient-rich, the main meal is the one that will ensure the quality and the quantity we need, and should be treated as though it were the only meal of the day. Our main meals do not require a wide variety of foods on a daily basis. The foundation of our diet should only change in accordance with the season, and not daily. If we consume completely different foods every day, our system becomes confused, and it takes it longer to digest and absorb.

Some key advice for the main meal

- Ensure you are including all of the 6 Flavours so that the body receives all the elements that it is made of, and feels satisfied.

- Ensure that your main meal contains all the essential amino acids for the body to build protein. There are several combinations that contain all the necessary amino acids, and we will discuss some of them in the seminar.

- Follow the formula for the main meal for the most nutritious results. The main meal should include:

1. One type of pulse, seed or nut

2. One type of grain and/or starchy vegetable.

3. Three vegetables: We use the number 3 in cooking because it symbolizes a complete meal. By combining 3 different vegetables, we have more chances of receiving all the amino acids and the nutritional ingredients needed in a meal.

4. Digestive Spice Formula: Adding spices and cooking our food for less than 20 minutes, are the conditions that make the food activated (alive, and easily digested)

5. Aromatic herbs: Not only do they add flavor and freshness to the food, but they also aid digestion and absorption.

6. Sweet taste: Fruit or natural sweetener - so that we will not crave dessert.

7. One type of fat: We always add the fat into our meal (for example oil) at the end of the cooking process, to prevent its deterioration from the heat during cooking. Unsaturated fat is good for the heart, the skin, the hormonal system and the absorption and storage of fat-soluble vitamins. For better digestion, we should avoid using more than one type of fat in the same meal.

Example Curriculum

  Main meal notes and video of the live seminar
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